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Make your food tastier and your life healthier with Spicerr.

Meet Spicerr: Your Smart Spice Sommolier

Spicerr presents the world’s first small kitchen appliance of its kind for optimizing food flavoring and nutrients. Powered with state-of-the-art technology, Spicerr helps food reach its full potential and takes the culinary experience to a whole other level. 


A Wide Range Of Fresh And Premium Flavors

Cooking and food are parts of life that are rich with passion and taste. The right blend and freshness of flavors are key. With Spicerr, you can elevate even a simple breakfast granola into a culinary celebration. Spicerr brings to you a whole array of flavorings and takes you on an exciting epicurean journey.


Hi-tech At Your Fingertips

Extend your culinary and flavoring skills or explore new combinations of flavors. Get creative and whip up fresh and delicious dishes for yourself and everyone at your table. The old way of overcomplicated time in the kitchen is out; say “hello,” to preparing meals with AI-generated suggestions and saved flavor profiles. Spicerr’s touchscreen and accompanying app are user-friendly and will positively change the way you experience cooking and food forever.


Straightforward Seasoning

With Spicerr, accurately flavoring food and drinks is easy. We offer a variety of premium flavors including herbs, spices, blends, seeds, and extracts. Spicerr gives you flavoring plans and smart suggestions to spice up your mealtimes, or you can create your own exciting new blends and delectable new dishes. It’s that simple.


Healthier Food For A
Healthier Life

Food can be a perfect marriage of flavors and nutrients. Spicerr helps you to simplify the building of a tasty and balanced diet, which is essential to your wellbeing and health. Keep track of daily nutritional goals, adjust Spicerr to adhere to dietary guidelines, and eat healthier and tastier than ever before.

Every Meal, Every Day.

Enrich any dish– from pizza to yogurt; from complex culinary creations to trendy beverages and drinks like signature cocktails. Create a flavorful new world with Spicerr. 

Our Technology

Spicerr is the premier smart kitchen appliance of its kind. It combines multiple patent-pending advanced technologies with the world of flavors and nutrients.

Spicerr is comprised of three components: the cartridges, the dispenser, and the app.

The Dispenser

A hand-held IoT device, controls the dispensing process in manual or automatic modes. This is where all the magic happens.

Mix and match any combination of cartridges to dispense spices, herbs, and flavorings to your dishes. You can use the Spicerr device in free-flow mode or you can run automated flavor plans. A touchscreen provides data about the cartridges such as precise quantities, preferred plans, and more.

The Capsules

Choose from a variety of over 100 capsules of high-quality spices, herbs, extracts, and more.


A wide range of flavors including powders, herbs, seeds (whole or ground on-the-fly), and liquids. Choose your favorites and try new tastes.

Easy Storage

The organizational solution for your spice cabinet or drawer. Compact and uniform flavor cartridges are easy to use, store away, and track inventory online. 

Quality Ingredients

Natural and premium-quality ingredients. Each cartridge is sealed to preserve freshness, extend shelf life, eliminate mess, and reduce waste.

The App

Spicerr’s Enrich App is your very own sous chef. The app provides you with a myriad of recipes, flavor and nutritional plans, and more. Personalize recipes and adjust them to your taste. Keep track of daily nutritional intake and get suggestions for making each dish tastier and healthier.

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